Messenger marketing is still very mysterious to most. It can be hard to try and make sense of it all -  that’s where we come in.

Backchat story

We aim to demystify messenger marketing, making it simple, easy, accessible and fun for both clients and customers to interact.

It’s a privilege to be in anyone’s inbox. So you can trust us to make your connection a valuable and personal experience for all.

We live by the values - play, ease, simplicity, creativity and engagement.

Just contact us and see.

Nov 2015:

Company soon to be Foster Labs graduates Angel Cube Accelerator Program

April 2016:

Facebook launches Messenger Chatbots

May 2016:

Foster Labs pivots focused 100% on Messenger Chatbots

June 2016

Current: Foster Labs builds Messenger solutions for a varitety of clients

Jan 2017

Foster Labs becomes official facebook development provider

Dec 2017

Foster Labs launches Backchat.io

Jan 2017

Foster Labs pivots into Backchat.io

Let us walk you through Backchat in action, share our early customer success stories and explore how to get your company on the platform.

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