Messenger Marketing Tools

Better insights. Higher conversions. Happier customers.


Simple Messenger Marketing Tools

Turn Facebook Messenger prospects into customers with powerful insights, automation and tools to generate engagement.

Centralized. Scalable.

Do once. Push to many. Take winning marketing funnels and push to one, many or all facebook page in a single dashboard while retaining control of your leads, data and platform.

Own Leads.

Other Messenger marketing platforms won't let you take your lead off platform. Import or export your leads with Backchat. Use your audience where YOU want.

"Backchat takes proven conversational marketing funnels and scales them to all our client pages."

Juefeng Ge

CMO @ Ylopo

Messenger Marketing That’s Perfect For….

"Backchat makes Google's Dialogflow a super-charged marketing machine."

Doug Maloney

CEO @ Duolog

Why Messenger Marketing?

Why would you want more control over your Messenger marketing? Let’s count the reasons...

1.2 billion Messenger users (11% of the world’s population use it monthly)

Monthly messages sent between businesses & users (on average): 2 billion

Number of businesses that use Facebook Messenger: 60 million

Smart Backup

Scoop up your leads and conversations from 3rd party bots and avoid service lock-in

Page Scaling

Build once and push to hundreds of similar Facebook pages in a matter of seconds

Broadcast (Released Soon)

Broadcast instantly to one person, a segmented group or all your users at the app or page level


Apply simple rules to segment users to track, nurture and close.

User Management

Filter, segment and gain insights on users.

Dialogflow Integration

Leverage Dialogflow’s powerful conversation builder to generate even more engagement

"Backchat is a turn-key Messenger marketing platform for turn-key businesses."

Mark Veitch

CEO @ Your Social Villiage

Let us walk you through Backchat in action, share our early customer success stories and explore how to get your company on the platform.

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